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08-Mar-2011 - UKIP NEC Member Douglas DENNY A VILE LITTLE MAN!

08-Mar-2011 - UKIP NEC Member Douglas DENNY A VILE LITTLE MAN!
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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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Long Term Makeweight, Fantasist & Dissembler UKIP NEC Member Douglas DENNY What A Vile Little Man He Is!



it was sad to see that the odious fantasist Douglas Denny has lived down to his reputation yet again!

I note he has been on Anthony Butcher's UKIP controlled Forum and on a thread started by Geoffrey Collier in Memoriam of the Death/Life of Geoffrey Kingscott the sordid fantasist has used the thread to try to point score on a comment made by Ian Gillman - so very typical of Douglas Denny to never miss an opportunity to try to look good by distorting facts to look clever.

Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gillman View Post
May I extend my sympathy to the widow and family of Geoffrey Kingscott at this sad time.
I sat on numerous interview panels with him and always enjoyed his company.

Incidently, he was , in the 1964 General Election; the youngest candidate nationwide standing for The Labour Party ( which elected Harold Wilson). This was described as the 'first television' G.E. in Britain, since when that medium has played an increasing role in matters political.

Geoffrey carried out his duties as National Party Secretary in a truely professional manner; and it was a great loss to the party when he was not allowed to continue that role from 2006. I will be thinking of him on Thursday.
Douglas Denny's unpleasant interjection was:
Mr. Gillman continues to distort the truth. I am not sure if this is due to ignorance or is deliberate.

Geoffrey Kingscott resigned his position and could have continued had he wished to in the role of General Secretary.
He was the first to take that paid position in the party at a time when the Chairman of the NEC, Leader, and Party Secretary did mostly everything necessary with the top party affairs - which was difficult, and someone was desperately needed to share the burden of very diverse issues and projects within the party. It was (and still is) an onerous task.

I confirm he was a good General Secretary who was very fastidious and was a pleasant person who was easy to work with. I was Party Secretary at the time.
I regret to hear he has died of cancer.

Firstly why would anyone believe this dishonest proven liar?

Secondly how very tasteless? Even if he was right, which he is not, this is not the place to show off and drag an in memoriam thread into Denny's gutter.

To consider the FACTS:

01. - Douglas Denny had at the time of Geoffrey Kingscott being appointed Returning Officer for UKIP's election been FIRED by a majority vote of his colleagues for his dishonesty and efforts to corrupt the election he was supposed to be ensuring was honest!

02. - This was the election where Mark Croucher & Annabelle Fuller as well as Denny lied, cheated and corrupted the process to ensure Nigel Farage was able to seize control of the party.

May I remind you of this letter:
03. - Douglas Denny took no action to TRY to ensure an acceptable and honest election.

04. - Douglas Denny did much to hinder Geoffrey Kingscott's efforts not least of which was with various attempts to rewrite the facts to agrandise himself - never being man enough to admit he lied, cheated and was removed by his NEC colleagues.

05. - Yet again Douglas Denny has lied to try to point score at Ian Gillman's expense as Geoffrey Kingscott WAS offered CEO or similar, by Nigel Farage, and it was for this reason he took no action against Nigel Farage's mistress nor against the underhand and duplicitous Mark Croucher who has proved dishonest, dishonourable and corrupt on many occasions CLICK HERE

06. - Douglas Denny has in the past lied as a patsy for Mark Croucher - one occasion was also defaming the dead in the most cowardly manner.

07. - Geoffrey Kingscott resigned when Nigel Farage took the leadership and reneged on his promise to him and also Farage's promise to Robert Kilroy Silk.

It is sad to see Douglas Denny yet again posturing and fantasising dishonestly but even more distastefull that his inadequacy felt a need to be noticed on a thread set up as an in memoriam to a decent man sadly dead.
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