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24-May-2011 - Clearly The Kettle & The Pot Fall Out The Liar Denny

24-May-2011 - Clearly The Kettle & The Pot Fall Out The Liar Denny.
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Clearly The Kettle & The Pot Fall Out!!
The Corrupt & Duplicitous Liar Denny berates The Corrupt & Duplicitous Liar Bannerman!!


Fair play to him one of UKIP's village idiots who has lied, cheated and defamed having been taken for and shown to be a fool has had to admit they were so stupid that they didn't see David Bannerman's defection and betrayal of UKIP coming.

From the very start when I have regularly predicted it on my various blogs and 'e'Mails the idiot Douglas Denny was telling endless lies and inventing desperate fantasy scenarios to try to defame me for consistently and continuously telling the truth.

Even now, humiliated as he is, we doubt he will be man enough to issue the apology he must surely have the intelligence to know that he owes me and numerous others for his lies.

You can read more of this odious liar Douglas Denny with fact after fact corroborating our statement of fact that Douglas Denny is a liar, a cheat and a fantasist embroilled up to his neck in the frauds and thefts from the public purse and members and a prime mover in the rigging of corrupt internal elections in UKIP on this blog and others.

This is his latest homily - having betrayed Britain, the electorate UKIP members and more he now calls the pot black!
Dear David,

To learn of your defection to the Conservative Party after years of your denouncing them is the most cynical, self-serving act of betrayal I know of in all the years of politics that I have been engaged in.

I am appalled and disgusted with you: - a person who I thought had integrity but has now proven without a shadow of doubt how shallow in principles you really are.

What is worse for me personally to learn of this event, is I considered you a friend too, someone invited to stay under my roof, eaten at my table, and considered a trusted companion on the road towards a great cause for Britain against the EU; a person who had previously denounced all the other cynical political parties - especially the Conservatives - who have been for over thirty years and still are - busy selling the country down the river..... and now you have joined them !! For what? ... your own selfish, power-greed, tongue-slavering, money-grabbing reasons? What a traitor ! What a Judas! How can you can face yourself in the mirror every day?

To salvage any kind of credibility as a decent human being you should now resign your MEP position - so hard worked for and gained on the back of UKIP's many workers who deserve better than you by far !

Resign, and I shall accept you still as an honourable person but understand that you cannot continue with UKIP (for whatever reasons) - then, and only then, at least you will have done the decent thing.

Stay as an MEP, having got there under the UKIP banner only to have defected and distanced yourself from your own previously announced principles - espoused so volubly for years under UKIP's name - and you will prove to all you are as base as the lowest on the planet.

Douglas Denny.
NEC member. UKIP.
Yes clearly The Kettle and The Pot have fallen out!
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