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05-Dec-2010 - MORE LIES FROM LITTLE Douglas DENNY undermining UKIP

05-Dec-2010 - MORE LIES FROM LITTLE Douglas DENNY undermining UKIP


in answer to a simple question from a member of the forum, which was:
I don't suppose you have just one tiny bit of proof for your fantasy above?

NO I thought not!

All this 'anti-UKIP agent provocateur' stuff make you look and sound ridiculous.

Still that is something you do rather well without any help!!
Douglas Denny invented this 'croc' of self serving drivel:
Quote Originally Posted by douglas denny View Post
Well actually yes. I do have evidence,
Yet Denny goes on to provide not one single shred of substantive evidence - just his wild fantasies!
and have witnessed so many 'unusual' happenings associated with clandestine behaviour within UKIP and without, that it is now a certainty as far as I am concerned.
All the conviction of a born again christian and about as much sense! We note he does admit to very low standards of conviction - drawing his conclusions based on 'unusual happennings' - sort of like knocking on walls or cameras and tapes in The Farmers Club meeting room?

For example:
In archives I have e-mails from Piers Merchant when he was, under Knapman's time, I think it was, General Secretary and I was Party Secretary ( I forget the exact chronology).
Yes indeed Denny has low standards he now goes on to defame the dead knowing they can not defend themselves against his fancifull lies.

There was an interesting exchange when I made a telephone call regarding sensitive information and a follow up e-mail when that too was within hours up on the GLW website attacking UKIP over the information.
Please identify an actual occasion NOT some mythical unsubstantiated fairy story.

My ONE AND ONLY meeting with Piers Merchant is well documented and was in the final stages of his life where he sought me out and we had a meal together as he was scared and as yet undiagnosed - since I have had major organ cancer he wanted to ask questions and share his fears. This was shortly after his Mother died and it can be witnessed that we did NOT discuss UKIP.
I made a wrong conclusion,
Nothing new there then - when have you notably got anything right pertaining to me - try to name JUST ONCE!
that the e-mail had been intercepted and somehow passed to GLW externally to the recipient. (I began to suspect hacking and checked the computer for keyloggers/viruses etc. There were none).
Antiquated technology like that would be no help but all but Denny know UKIP leaks like a sieve and you can be assured Piers Merchant did NOT supply me with the letter or whatever it was as Piers Merchant NEVER supplied me with a single shred of confidential material. But I can understand why cowards like Denny & Croucher would defame the dead for personal gain - so in keeping with their personality!

It was, however, indeed intercepted and sent to GLW.
Have you ANY proof? No of course not - you just want to seem important, just as when the Police failed to take you seriously - you are far too irrelevant to waste police time on - they rarely turn out for robberies, burglaries or assaults let alone for posturing little men of no consequence. As they said - not their remit!

Do you want me to publish that letter too?
It seems now that this was facilitated by Piers who set-up a UKIP head Office computer e-mail account accessible to external agencies - which found their way to GLW - probably directly.
& since he is dead you nasty little creeps try to shift the blame for your own incompetence to him - how very honourable!
Also: all the early 'Junius' 'revelations' were based on this hacked account. Mark Croucher found it and closed it down.
So you have the witness of a proven low life and liar who is known to have fabricated evidence and lied in the past to back you up - no wonder the police all but ignored you - veritable little Mr. Pooter aren't you!
This business of hacked computer account is still unresolved in a police file under a complaint under Data Protection Act of intrusion and illegal missuse of private computer data of a political party.
A data protection matter that wasn't ever dealt with by the commission of The Data Protection Agency!
GLW made a confession to the police admitting that he had received information from UKIP's computer
I did not so do stop embelising what little fact you have guessed at.
but denied he hacked it and said "it was provided by someone in UKIP" and hence legitimate to receive it - which is a spurious argument as it was confidential information on UKIP's computer.
Rubbish - as the Police informed you - and as you admitted in your winge to Zuckerman and little Jonathan whose letter you leaked in the first place!
It is curious that the police have never made any further progress with this business. Probably with the demise of Piers Merchant.
Rubbish they told you why.
All classic agent provocateur stuff.
Secret Squirrel fantasies - go play with your nuts!
Why did Piers (ex-Conservative MP) set up the account accessible to outsiders?
Did he? Or are you fool enough to believe the proven liar Mark Croucher who had an axe to grind over losing his Court case and being found sufficiently guilty that he was ordered to pay my costs but lacks the honour to pay his debts - never miind there is absolutely no limit when I can enforce against the duplicitous little failure.
Why did information get to GLW?
Probably someone with integrity wanted to show you were plotting behind the leadership's back. No wonder you are annoyed at being found out!
Why did Piers not close it down?
IF it existed had it occurred to you his imminent demise may well have made UKIP rather less relevant!
Why did Piers allow this to happen and yet at the same time was denouncing GLW within UKIP?
Oh so Piers 'ALLOWED' this to happen!! But you just said he supplied me with confidential information without a shred of evidence to back your defamatory lies!
- and at one stage was encouraging me to make disciplinary action against Peter Baker who was accused of sending a sensitive letter directly from his computer to GLW?
Equally without evidence and a completely dishonest fabrication!
(The evidence that he did was strong but never investigated properly by the disciplinary committee).
You are a liar - there was absolutely ZERO evidence and for that very reason the utterly dishonest posturing of yourself, Derek Clark & Gerard Batten collapsed in farce enhanced by the fact that YOU PERSONALLY had failed to ensure the kangaroo show trial was even constituted in accord with your own fatuous rules!

You made a complete laughing stock of UKIP that day Denny and I well remember we were in hoots of laughter at your high heels and self important posturing as the errand boy and as for the duplicitous deceitfull worm Derek Clark he looked as if he would explode as he scuttled past the window like a cockroach with haemarroids!
I never suspected Piers was likely to be involved until Mark Croucher found the rogue access.
How quaint - in your paranoia it was secret squirrel codes, hackers, fantasy self importance and the whole farce collapses into believing the probable lies of the self serving Mark Croucher with a track record of dishonesty and betraying UKIP - Just how stupid are you Denny (Plead the 5th. if I were you!)
Bad mistake in matters of intelligence
Well you seem not to have displayed any intelligence to date so why be surprised?
- always first suspect those nearest to the information/crime.
So that would be YOU, Jonathan or Croucher I guess!

There are agent provocateurs at work alright.
Do you reeeeealy think you are that relevant and if so what to?
You Niall, are most likely one yourself under the guidance of GLW. He is still I suspect, (and certainly was), your bosom buddy for years.
Cooooo have you got evidence Niall is one of those secret Squirrels or are you just playing with your nuts again Denny?

Yes I am both pleased and proud to call an honourable, honest man like Niall a friend and he has been a valued fried despite the vissicitudes of life for many years. that we both had Military backgrounds, both went to similar schools - he in Cheltenham and I in Bristol and that for a short period before going to Sandhurst in 1964/5 I served in the Regiment both his Father and he served in, in Winchester. We also both put a very high value on integrity, honesty and duty in our particular ways.

That we both choose to serve our Country in ways you would never understand despite your quite ridiculous imagination and posturing may well explain why we have some commonality.

I freely admit I have absolutely nothing in common with the pond life that has taken control of the leadership of UKIP nor the filth that forms its support team.

People of your self serving cowardly and dishonest ilk I have absolutely nothing but contempt for.

To view the original CLICK HERE

We await your next pack of lies to dismantle for amusement!

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