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16-Dec-2010 - DENNY Makes A Fool of Himself as a UKIP NEC Member - More attempts to Defame!

16-Dec-2010 - DENNY Makes A Fool of Himself as a UKIP NEC Member - More attempts to Defame!!
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16-Dec-2010 - Douglas DENNY Makes A Fool of Himself as a UKIP NEC Member - More attempts to Defame Niall WARRY & LIE TO SUPPORT A CHARACTER ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON G.L-W.!!

Denny is clearly a fool though a duplicitous fool!



here is an example of Douglas Denny's utter dishonesty he just can't help himself leaping into any gutter he can find to lie, dissemble and defame having shown again and again his dishonesty such even that his own colleagues on the NEC of UKIP saked him as returning officer in an election for dishonesty and corruption and corruption of the election itself!

Here he shows he can not manage to find an hionest fact to address the issue in question having failed in every single solitary attempt he has made to show either I or Niall Warry have ever set out to lie, deceive or mislead deliberately on any issue.

He would be really quite funny if he wasn't so dishonest, his only weapon being to set out to TRY character assassination at which he spectacularly fails.

Read this his latest effort!
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Quote Originally Posted by Niall Warry View Post
Of course you skate around the parts of story that don't suit so let's try once more.

First you dug this story up yet again and I responded entirely of my own accord because you can not be allowed to get away with the slant you put on things to try and blacken GLW's character.

So one more time - As the story hits the media, BEFORE all the facts are know, GLW circulates an e-mail about countries losing their currencies. Foggo picks this up and his draft story includes a quote from GLW which states " he saw noting wrong after DUE PROCESS if politicians who betray their country are executed."

By now GLW knows Anna Lindh was stab but sticks to his point however the article is published LEAVING OUT the two key words DUE PROCESS.

GLW now admits, given the furore, that he should have asked for the apology to be published how ever small and wherever it apeared in the paper.

GLW is clearly no 'left of centre lilly livered bleeding heart lefty liberal' and he has to compete with many who are now conditioned to a left of centre view on things.

Even so he will battle on, despite all character assassination attempts, in his own uncompromising style reporting FACTS about UKIP that importantly nobody seems to be able to disprove.

The thing about GLW is that the attacks on him do not disprove the facts he reports.

As I keep saying play the ball not the man skeptyk if you can?
Niall. Your whining and expanations are pathetic. Give it up. You look a fool.

GLW shouted his mouth off about the assasination of Lindh and was caught out with it being published - then he tried to deny it all with patheticly weak excuses - and you are just promoting the same despicable lies.

GLW is an evil man. My advice to you is distance yourself from him as fast and as far away as you can to save your soul, sanity and what shreds of integrity you can salvage from your unholy, close association with him. The stench of his foulness lingers on your clothing and your writings. I can smell it from here.

GLW is a master of lies about everything. He is demented. I could give you chapter and verse on all the lies he has peddled about me - but I dismiss them for what they are - totally worthless. Anyone who wishes to even just scratch the surface of the truth sees him for what he is and dismisses his nonsense out of hand.

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To give him his due he does at least have the guts to use his own name but then again lets face it his reputation as a proven liar is undeniable and his childish fantasies on a par with Mad Magasine 'Spy-vs-Spy' cartoons and idiotic comments about hacking of his computer and recording NEC meetings even at one time wanting for quite a period to spend a small fortune of other peoples' money to hire specialists to sweep and debug NEC meeting rooms.

The poor man is gullible he even believes the proven liars like Mark Croucher and Skeptyk whose speciality is to seek a grain of truth and present it as something completely different - I know of no one else so stupid as to believe them - even the idiotic liar and cheat Mike McGough treads warrily!

Anyway read on through the blog and you will find chapter and verse on some of Douglas Denny's man lies and distortions.

Draw your own conclusions based on the facts as presented!

In passing do be minded I neither seek anyone's vote nor their salary neither do I wish for status in any Party. I merely wish to continue campaigning to liberate these United Kingdoms from the thrall of EU membership - as I have done since the 1960s.

For all his bluster and imaginitive nonsense frankly who or what I am makes not one jot of difference to the facts I provide about The EU, the economy and the leadership of UKIP and its parasites.

NOT ONE FACT have Douglas Denny or his squalid little chums meen able, ever, to show was a deliberate lie, distortion or misrepresentation whether they lie and defame me or not does not alter the FACT that I have NEVER been shown to deliberately lie or mislead and never once have I been shown a material error and even minor corrections brought to my attention have been rapidly corrected with relevant apology.

Would that those seeking to attack me for telling, what is to them, the unpalatable truth had integrity I might be able to spend even more time addressing the aim of liberating Britain.

For Relevant Details surrounding The Tragic Murder of Anna LINDH CLICK HERE
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