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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
Douglas DENNY, Long Term Member of UKIP NEC, AGAIN PROVEN TO BE A LIAR 07-Feb 2011,
This Time by ex UKIP NEC Member Ian GILMAN!


more lies and defamatory accusations from UKIP Gutter:

To Quote Douglas Denny in another string of lies once again proven:
Dear Mr. Gilman.

you say:-
No rant about Greco/Roman fable and fantasy stories this time? You might as well have done as this particular rant is of equal worth = all nonsense and fantasy.

Niall Warry resigned from UKIP when at long last there was a disciplinary committee against him, all lined up and ready to go - and he knew the jig was up, so fell onto his sword instead and resigned before he faced the humiliation of being thrown out.

Delroy Young if I remember rightly let his membership lapse from UKIP, hence made a conscious decision entirely of his own volition not to continue with UKIP. If he had wanted there was nothing stopping him remaining in the party. He did not because he himself did not want to.

And now you
Mr. Gilman who's idiotic rants I have observed here for a while now and note they become more and more fantastical and vitriolic. You were invited by me to produce evidence of the more lurid statements you have made in the past here , but would not - much more likely - could not.

You now say:-


Well this is absolute nonsense!

Unfortunately for you, I have the proof, as I keep all documentation I have ever received whilst in UKIP - including your resignation letter (reproduced here for all to see.) .... and ... Yup! sure enough! looks like a resignation letter to me!

Attachment 2105

It is crystal clear you did not like the cut and thrust of politics within a political party, and why therefore you allowed your poor, sensitive, fragile ego to be so abused voluntarily without your leaving earlier I do not know.

Your first sentence is a resignation statment. No doubt about it you resigned! you were NOT pushed in any way, and were certainly NOT "expelled".

The rest of your resignation letter is a rant of the like we have seen here too often.

You say you wish to go away and:- and...
Nice of you to wish us all Good Luck! and assure us that your continued support at local level will be assured.

So the cheerful chappie who goes off rejoicing to leaving the 'nasty NEC people' to get on with their job somehow turns into a bitter and twisted individual who wants to rubbish UKIP at every opportunity.

Same as Warry.
Same as GLW.
Same as a dozen others here. You are all the same.

Like those others mentioned: You are full of cr@p Mr. Gillman - so go away and do not darken my doorstep again, thank you.

Douglas Denny is very clearly a liar let us take just a small detail - consider his defamation of Niall Warry - Do note that by dishonesty and duplicity of such a standard UKIP refused Niall Warry renewal of his membership - largely due to the simpering and lies of Douglas Denny who had done all in his power to cover-up the criminality of Tom Wise for which UKIP MEP Tom Wise was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

The corrupt manner in which Douglas Denny and others acted found them potentially the wrong side of a High Court action potentially facing someone who could afford to and would defend his reputation against liars and proven corrupt little men like Douglas Denny.

Niall Warry was restored to the membership, where he remained seeking to Clean-Up UKIP and particularly its leadership who are not only incompetent but dishonest, muddled and crass - Niall Warry remained a member but found, as did Stuart Wheeler, that under the leadership of Nigel Farage it clearly was untrustworthy, corrupt, incompetent and unelectable.

Like Stuart Wheeler, Niall Warry resigned his membership and stood in Somerton and Frome as an Independent Leave-The-EU Alliance candidate. Wheeler stood in a South Coast constituency. There was absolutely no public evidence of any kind of disciplinary committee being called - perhaps had there been numerous of the NEC and leadership of UKIP could have been brought before it, not least of whom would be Douglas Denny for so often dragging UKIP into the gutter of lies and fantasies he inhabits!

You will recall Douglas Denny was removed as UKIP returning officer by a majority vote of his NEC colleagues,  for his dishonesty and corruption.

Absolutely no one has EVER put their name to a defence of this dishonest little worm of a man, with his endless lies and serial fantasies.

You will note he yet again seeks to defame me - It seems one is denied both free speech and the right to expose the truth in the crazy world of NEC & UKIP Leadership!

You will note despite the serial lies and endless dishonesties of Douglas Denny he has failed to substantiate a single solitary one of his lies and fantasies about me - Douglas Denny conveniently forgets that I am not nor have I ever been a member of UKIP and further he will find no instance EVER where I can be shown to be opposed to membership of The EU and vociferously and energetically at my own expense nor an instance where I have NOT sought to uphold the integrity of UKIP seeking to try to 'clean it up' to make it electable - something UKIP has proved in literally 1,000s of seats and elections that it is not.

Douglas Denny YOU are a liar, a fantasist, a cheat and a low life whose corruption and dishonesty and utter stupidity has brought nothing but shame on both UKIP and the EUroSceptic movement.

You will recall that at the selection of PPCs at Douglas Denny's own constituency he not only failed but obtained only 3 votes of suppot - his own, his poor wife's and one other whilst a relative unknown was selected as Douglas Denny is known to be dishonest.

Yes Douglas Denny is a liar and a cheat but that puts him in good company on UKIP NEC, just look at the pond life gathered there numerous of whom have been proven to be liars and cheats and to have colluded in corruption.

Ian Gilman responded to Douglas Denny, yet again proving Douglas Denny to be a liar, today 07-Feb-2011:
Forum readers will recall that until Mr Denny posted gross untruths invoking my name last August; I had taken no interest in this medium previously.
Perhaps Mr Farage, who for the second time of obtaining the UKIP leadership threatens to again "professionalise the party" will be delighted that fiscal matters with mystery attached to them are brought to the fore.
His gratitude to Mr Denny may even be actioned by some form of recognition.
Do not be modest about your contributions Mr Denny, you single handed brought me into the debate and raised all manner of subjects, before and after closing time.
Mr Denny reproduces my NEC resignation letter, despite evident different claims ... etc....."Bloom slams shoplifters"thread August 10.
To again correct his distortions; invoking me (he will recall) at the NEC of 10/05 , alone, I attempted to DO something about the Tom Wise MEP issue. This fact is contained with the Wise Crown Court case file.
In addition to defrauding the E.U./taxpayer and evidently living rather high off the hog as a result , he had destroyed a legitimate UKIP fundraising campaign, UKIP Wine World (to perhaps enrich himself,and even without troubling H.M. Customs & Excise ?) designed by me to assist paying off our General Election debts of £ 93,000 that were evidently paid in our names yet I have never seen any evidence of paperwork showing from where the money came. I am not used to debts being setteled with my name attached without the route of that money being entirely clear to me.
To correct a very busy and oft confused Mr Denny,( who does know the truth when he wishes to ) I resigned from the NEC over issues including Mr Wise and the demand that admitted frauds thwhich may cause the Inland Revenue and the Police to "lock us all up" were explained by a senior member (albeit with less time as a member than me)
I was, as Mr Denny may recall , (even by February 30th ! ) I was not prepared to collude in the frauds of others, as explained. The pointless frauds explained have, as I predicted destroyed the heart and spirit of UKIP that I can legitimately claim to have assisted building. The sheer graft of creating something from nothing attracted the attention of some who were only climbing upon the bandwagon sadly.
I then resigned from the party; in 2009, we had been betrayed by self seekers, and the party had been converted from UKIP to EUKIP.I refuse to support 'Subsidiarity' or the Common Agriculture Policy, or G,M. Crops. Policies were changed without asking the membership.

Now to the lies, smears and form of 'blackmail' used in an attempt to remove me from the 04-09 E.Mids MEP listing.
Originally voted second on the list, we all moved down one place to accomodate Mr Kilroy-Silk.
Following my NEC resignation a concerted attempt was made to remove me from that list.

It was illegal, and based upon character assination.

The E.Mids Euro election officers via a UKIP Nominating Officer ( correct procedure note) requested a meeting with me at Northampton Borough Council offices.
Such bodies and public servants do not instigate meetings containing very sensitive matters without just cause. Further, upon assessing my character and personality over time / questioning they felt able to release to me certain physical items for my use.

Note; Mr Denny, a department of civil administration and local government requested a formal meeting with me to explain just what illegality was going on to remove me from my legally approved placement just because I resigned from the NEC , refusing to collude in frauds.

This meeting proved that The Home Office and East Mids Returning Officer/Northampton Borough Council, Electoral Services Department were being brought into disrepute by a UKIP person using a mobile telephone spreading smears and lies , then using a form of 'blackmail' to public servants in a demand to be allowed to break the law. That person failed.
I was given all assistance to produce a case in law to sue for what could have been quite massive compensation against the mobile telephone owner/user (identified) and UKIP.
Mr Denny, this is not a weakness, but I chose to forgive the person.

So, Mr Denny, attempts are made and have been; to arbitarily remove the honest and therefore unwanted.
I resigned the NEC, I resigned the party after 15 years, but I endured an attempt to destroy my reputation, my business reputation and my standing within UKIP which is even now repeated by those who are very nervous about their own situation.

In the immortal words of the late Terry Thomas; " What an absolute shower... ". 

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