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Douglas DENNY of UKIP NEC LIES ABOUT Del YOUNG UKIP NEC This Time!07-Feb-2011


yet more lies from Douglas Denny - this time regarding Delroy Young elected UKIP NEC member.
QUOTE Douglas Denny 06-Feb-2011:
I do remember clearly he did not have to leave UKIP, he just seemed to have had enough and gave up. He turned his back on UKIP and walked away.

Del made a fatal mistake in not keeping himself clearly, fiercely, independent (as was his nature actually), by openly supporting and siding with Abbott and the red-faced angry -Edmond which did not endear him much to others. Abbott and Edmond and sometimes Del, over some considerable time, used to consistently vote against nearly all motions put no matter what, which made a mockery of being useful NEC members.

Del left after the Buster Mottram affair, which makes me wonder if that had something to do with it. Perhaps he suddently realised he had been duped all that time by Abbott and Edmond who (he suddenly found out) were willing to associate with BNP tainted people like Mottram. That along with Farage's antipathy towards him was perhaps, enough for him to walk, which if so, again, is a pity as he had a lot of support elsewhere.
I know this to be a pack of luies and so redollent of Douglas Denny's habit of revisionist history, to TRY to make himself look 1/2 way intelligent & informed and claim honesty he has never shown.

This article published today 07-Feb-2011 gives the lie to Douglas Denny's claims of integrity!:
DED, I have spoken with Del today on the facts regarding himself and UKIP.

Del says he was forced out of ukip and that you are fully aware of the facts because the Nuttall letter was seen by you and the NEC.
Del stated at the time that he was not a member of the UKF but says that he had spoken with some of their members only.
I know what went on at this time and still feel that Del was innocent of the charge that he was a UKF member.

Part of the letter to Del from Nuttall said, " It has been reported that you are a member of the UK First Party, which is committed to standing against the UK Independence Party in the forthcoming European Elections."

" The NEC has now deemed that this is incompatible with UK Independence Party membership."

DED, can you see how silly and unprofessional this UKIP NEC letter is? Can you see that the UKIP NEC has perhaps set a standard by which any other UKIP member may get rid of a fellow member? I see it like this, If someone or several others report that DED is a member of a UKIP NEC proscribed party then you should likely be treated in the same shoddy way. Or don't UKIP NEC work like that in that what's good for the goose etc?

Delroy Young was treated very badly and any intending ukip member should think long and hard before joining them. (Dels letter was on this site but can't be found now. I can reproduce it if needed)
It is clear that Douglas Denny is fantasising to suit his own dishonesty yet again.

Interestingly in the same thread he makes the statement having tried to sound intelligent by making a military analogy which was shown to be unsound he now scarily states:
No; militarily, UKIP is more like Fidel Castro in the hills of Cuba waging a guerilla war against the corrupt government forces of the mainland. Both very small forces, nevertheless had(have) the population more or less on their side in their aim, but the evil government forces are too great to overcome immediately. They don't get all their own way however as we are there to remind them on election days. Fidel of course won in the end.....
Clearly UKIP under the corrupt leadership gathered around Farage is more similar than this half wit Douglas Denny has twigged - clearly his history of Communism in South America and The Caribean is not as good as he would like us to think for I can not for a moment believe he is intentionally telling the truth!

Fidel Castro in promoting the overthrow of Batista put in place his family and controlable friends - much as Nigel Farage has done in UKIP - similarly you will note what happened to his potential rivals such as Che Guevara CLICK HERE

Once again Douglas Denny makes a fool of himself in painting a true picture of UKIP by mistake!

If Del YOUNG's Resignation letter comes to hand and I can find time to dig out Nuttall's idiotic letter I will publish them here for you:

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